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Cotinus Coggygria.

The smoke bush or smoke tree is in the Anacardiaceae family, and two varieties are represented: the American smoke tree (Cotinus obovatus) and the flame smoke tree (Cotinus coggygria). Both varieties are durable plants. They can withstand dry soils and high winds, and can even adapt and thrive in rock-filled ground. If your smoke bush is not blooming, it may be that your plant was grown from seed that produced a plant unable to bloom. Appropriate Growing Conditions To encourage a.

Purple Smoke Bush Leaves Shriveled Dried Up And Turned Brown. Question From: Monroe, Michigan, United States. Q: within the last couple of weeks, the leaves on my eight year old Purple /Smoke bush shrivled, dried up and turned brown.

It started at the top of the shrub and has quickly affected the whole shrub. Is ther anything I can do to save. Jul 04, The leaves can fall off your smoke tree for several reasons: too much, or too little water insect or disease damage damage to plant. Oct 17, Royal Purple Smoke Tree Issue. Wed Aug 29, am. I have a RP Smoke Tree. It's around feet tall.

It was in an area for about months, and I decided that it wasn't the best place for it. I carefully dug it up, and replanted it in the best area of my front yard. Now that it's been there for a week or so, it's leaves are curling. Nov 08, Unpruned, the smoke bush becomes a large, multistemmed shrub 10 to 15 feet gordons stump remover, 20124 Clifton VA and wide. As with Hamlet's dilemma, though, there's really no middle course.

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