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Mar 14, If you have oaks in your landscape that need pruning and you live in an area of Minnesota where oak wilt occurs, pruning must be done before the oak wilt fungus and it's insect vector become active. Oak wilt is a fatal disease of oak trees that can be found in some counties of Minnesota. If you live in an area where oak wilt occurs, it is critical to prune oak trees before the high risk infection period begins in April.

Oak trees should be pruned in the winter months when the trees are dormant and beetles are inactive to prevent the spread of oak wilt. Winter pruning is also great for arborists as the harder ground provides them easier access stump grinding business pike road al, 2494 Needham Heights MA trees and the.

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Sep 21, The University of Minnesota Forestry Department posts the oak wilt risk levels for pruning oaks: high risk in April through June, low risk in July through October, and no risk in November through March. You can safely prune Minnesota oaks in winter and take appropriate precautions as needed to protect the health of your tree.

Sep 26, Oak trees are best trimmed in the winter between November and March. Oak trees are dormant in winter and are less likely to be negatively affected by pruning when in winter dormancy. That being said, branches which are dead, damaged, or diseased should be removed any time of year (and as soon as possible).Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

can I trim oak trees now Knowledgebase. can I trim oak trees now # Asked September 02,AM EDT Anoka County Minnesota. Expert Response. Thanks for your question. We are in the"low risk" period for oak wilt transmission. You can prune now, but there is still some risk. The"safe" period is in the winter. The best time. Recommended Timing.

To keep trees' health intact, the safest time to trim is during the late dormant season in winter, typically between the months of February and early April. Because deciduous trees are bare at this time of year, gardeners can easily see the branches to. Winter (December through February) is the best time to prune oak trees in Iowa.

Pruning oak trees in winter greatly reduces the risk of an oak wilt infection. Oak wilt is a fungal disease that is lethal to many oaks. It can be spread from infected trees to healthy trees by sap-feeding beetles (“picnic bugs”).

Sap beetles are carriers of the deadly oak wilt fungus and are attracted to fresh wounds on oak trees.

Oak wilt infections occur most commonly in spring and early summer. Feb 11, So that means that November through March, during their dormant time, is the ideal time for pruning oaks. The main reason for this pruning schedule is for the prevention of the spread of oak wilt. Oak wilt is a fungal disease very similar to Dutch Elm disease. If the pruning or felling must be done on your tree in the spring or summer when it is easier to spread Oak wilt, chemicals can prevent sap beetles from spreading the disease.

There should be an immediate treatment of water-based paint, pruning/would sealer, or shellac after the cutting.