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When making a heading cut never cut a limb back.

The central leader/main leader structure is based on a fruit tree's natural upright growth form. Central leader pruning benefits apples, pears, and more. There are different pruning and training structures for different types of fruit trees. The central leader, or main leader, structure is recommended for fruit trees whose branches naturally have more of an upright growth habit. central leader is headed back to about 8 feet to a desirable, wide-angled limb.

This limb should be on the windward side of the tree, if possible, as a means of maintaining a good shape. The lowest scaffold branches should also be on the windward side.

Thinning Apple and pear trees grown under favorable conditions will set more fruit than they are capable of carrying to maturity.

During the first few years, keep the leader larger in diameter than the scaffold limbs. This will help maintain strong crotches and. Leave one shoot as a central leader, do not prune it.

When the tree is mature and reached its natural height, it will fruiting, and will start to bend over. We use the term Crop and flop!

That means when the leader bears fruit it will bend over (flop) and stop growing. You may then cut back to a weaker side branch to leave a wick (central leader) to maintain apical treecleanup.buzzted Reading Time: 10 mins.

Untrained and unpruned trees become entangled masses of shoots and branches that produce little or no fruit and harbor insects and diseases.

Apple trees are trained to a modified leader system. The tree should be trained with one central leader or main trunk in the center, with several wide-angled limbs spaced around the leader. The tree should mature to a pyramidal shape. The picture below shows correct and incorrect pruning of an apple tree. Use “spur-type” strains or grow apples on dwarfing rootstock to make.